Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life with a NAM

is not so fun!! She hates it! She has already pulled it almost out and made the bandages hurt and also has figured out how to push it out with her tongue. Didn't know she would figure that one out in one day. She was fussing and I took her outside. The minute we got outside, she stopped crying. I figured it was because of the sun and going outside. But, no..I look down and she has it completely pushed out and just hanging by the rubber bands on the outside. Silly girl, she apparantly doesn't know it's actually going to help her. She has been eating a little less than she normally does without the NAM. It's almost like it hurts her but I don't know. She has an ulser on the top of her mouth from not having the NAM before and the bottle rubbing on it. The dr said it would go away in a few days and not to worry about it.

Her next doctors appointment is tomorrow with her Pediatrican. That will be a pointless appointment where I will probably know more than they do about cleft at this point. However, her next Children's Hospital appointment is next Tuesday!