Sunday, March 28, 2010

Was thinking...

of putting a password on my blog! And then only giving it to the people to comment.


Update Sunday!

Just thought I would post a mini update. Paige meets with Early Intervention tomorrow. It's just the initial paperwork to see if she qualifies for services. They already said that she would qualify but that I would just get a choice if I want to start now or later. I'm torn by all of this. I'll say why... so I know I'm not perfect but I am a qualified special education teacher. I do know quite a bit about cleft lip and palate. I know a lot about speech too. Plus, it doesn't hurt that my sister is a speech pathologist. I know a lot of sign language so that's something I'm already teaching her. So at this point, do I really want to worry about an hour a week of therapy that really isn't going to do much good at this point. She's saying vowel sounds. She can't say constant sounds because there is no palate. She moves her tongue like a crazy woman. She is nasally when she gabs but wouldn't you be if you could put your tongue to your nose inside. :) She is developmentally where she needs to be. She rolls, sits like a pro, and so much more. She's a happy baby. She is responding to sounds! (Getting sooo much better btw). So do I really need someone to come to my house and tell me what I already know. Not sure yet? She will get evaluated for 2 hours in a couple of weeks. So at this point I will know more of what they think she is capable of doing. If there is a huge delay, I will go ahead with it. But, I guarantee you, there isn't. She's just like any other baby. Jonathan (Jen's baby boy) and Lily (Erica's clefty beauty) are all within weeks of Paige and they are developmentally the same. Lily is a tad older than Paige and so is Jon but they all are doing the same. Plus, this is my 3rd child and I know quite about about child development (I guess I would have to with my current job). So I just don't know.

I know at this point I'm rambling.

Would it hurt to start Early Intervention, no! Probably wouldn't hurt but I also want someone who is already been working with cleft babies. I don't want any old Joe that knows a tad about clefts. I already have had a bad experience with an idiot peditrician that I wanted to rip apart. I don't need an idiot therapist too. Oh another note, Paige really is doing awesome. She has been responding to sounds really well. I have gotten a lot of wax outta her ears since we stopped the drops so I'm hoping she is doing better now. She will get retested April 5th in Pittsburgh! Here's to hoping!!

Plus, I think if you made it through this long boring post, then you deserve a here's Miss Paige in her favorite toy!