Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thank you God

Thank you God for knowing what I can handle! Thank you for not telling me prior to Paige's birth!

I have recently met a very sweet woman. She just found out this past week that she is having a BEAUTIFUL baby boy who has a cleft lip/palate. I have been in contact with her frequently and have seen the beautiful pictures of her ultrasound. He really is just adorable!

But as I talk with her, I realize one huge important factor in this whole equation! I'm incredibly thankful that I did NOT know about Paige's cleft prior to birth! It would have helped to know that she was a girl. LOL But, as for the cleft, I think I would have been a wreck the entire pregnancy. At least I got to enjoy being pregnant, possibly for the last time. God knew that I would stress out and be overwhelmed. Possibily he had a master plan, allow me to finish school unstressed and give us a great summer prior to Owen going to Kindergarten. Perhaps that's why God waited so long for her to be born. I never thought I would make it to almost my due date (she was born 3 days short of my due date). I never thought I would have made it that long. All of those contractions that I was having all summer long that were incredibly painful. Maybe God kept saying "she's not ready!" I am thankful that He gave me Paige. I just adore my baby girl! I am so thankful He gave me my beautiful Madison and Owen. And I'm incedibly thankful that He knew what I could and could not handle. Thank you God!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big strong baby girl!