Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quick Update

We got some unsettling news today. If you know me, you know I can't handle when things are unsure. I like to plan, plan, plan for everything in my life. We took Paige for her NAM and ENT appts today. At her NAM appt, I mentioned to Dr. V that she has been fussy with the bottle lately. She looked in her mouth and said what I have been saying for a few days, she's teething! Problem is, Dr. V thinks she might have a tooth that is coming in on the top! NOT GOOD! If it ruptures before surgery, they may not fuse her gum line together at all, requiring a bone graph later on! The one thing that I dread most for Paige. The one thing that we thought we wouldn't have to deal with. Unfortantly it looks like we might if it happens to be a tooth. PRAY IT'S NOT!

Then we took Paige to her ENT appt for the follow up for her tubes and scope. They said that her left ear tube is completely clogged and gave us a really strong ear drop for that side. Then, they said that her other side is still draining and to continue drops on that side with a different type of drops. They did NOT retest her hearing and they won't until January 6th now. SO I was hoping we would have an answer today and now it looks like we will have to wait a whole month longer!

I'm kinda upset by all this. Everything was looking so good and now it's just still a waiting game to see if her gums are okay to fuse and to see if her hearing has improved! January is a big month for Paige!