Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday, August 24th

Today is my due date! Thank goodness I didn't make it to today!! :) Being pregnant is fun but boy am I glad it's over. I can finally walk again and I can actually get up without feeling like my hips are going to fall off!

Paige is now 3 days old! I can hardly believe I have a 3 day old again. Back when Maddie was born, I really thought we "might" be done having children. We had talked a lot about it and now here is Paige. She is currently sleeping on my chest! 3 days old and she has already proven to be a great sleeper. She went to bed around 11 and got up twice until 7:00am. Not too bad for being 3 days old! I can handle that if it continues, something tells me we won't be that lucky. LOL

Paige also has her first appt with the surgeon, pediatrican, dentist, and speech pathologist on Wednesday at 9:30. She will meet with them all and she will be fitted with an obturator that sits in the roof of her mouth. It will serve to help move her palate together to make it more successful in the future. They said that she will have that for a couple of months and then will be able to have the lip surgery. We are not sure of a timeline yet but will find out more when we go on Wednesday. She will either get the obturator on Wed or Thur.

Wish us luck and keep praying!