Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank you and I'm Sorry....

I just wanted to put a little thank you on here to everyone who has been sending us well wishes and prayers. You don't know how blessed you truly are with great friends and family until something has happened. We are blessed with Paige and look forward to the end conclusion of all this. We are truly enjoying Paige as she is a really sweet baby! It's so vitally important to remember to take the time to just enjoy this little precious gift from God, just as you would any other children. So thank you to all who have been there for us thus far! :-)

Also...I'm sorry! I know everyone wants me to call them and keep them up to date with progress. But, right now it's so hard for us to do that. That's why I'm blogging so much. It's much easier for us to explain it one time rather than fifty. So while we love all of you, don't get upset if we don't call as much. Please just know that you can call and check up with Paige or read the blog too. Right now, we are trying to focus on what it takes to have 3 kids! I'm tired, Hal has school starting on Monday and Owen starts Kindergarten in less than a week. As you can tell, we are a bit stretched thin. :-) Everyone has always told me that I do too much and am the energizer bunny. Well, these days I definitly would appreciate a day home doing nothing. :-)


Dorothy said...

((((((((((((((( Mandy )))))))))))))

Hang in there!