Sunday, May 2, 2010

Change in Plans

Hal got a phone call from Dr. Grundwalt's office this week. They called to postpone Paige's palate surgery. They are now saying they think she is too young. They told us all along that 9 months was okay because she was doing so well. Now they are saying they want her off the bottle for a whole month and that they will wait till she's 11 months. So her new surgery date is July 16th. I'm pretty annoyed but kinda releaved. It has been hard to take her bottle away from her, she's sooo young. But, this gives us a little more time to get her switched completely to a sippy. Which she is doing really well at. I had just planned to have her off and ready to go by surgery. Now they are being a little more picky about it. Not quite sure why. We were suppose to go to a cleft team meeting on Monday. Erica and I think that she got bumped because another kid needed to get scheduled and they figured she was young anyways. Other than that, not sure what has changed in 2 weeks when Hal was there and they were saying we were still on for the surgery. They also told Hal that she could have her touch up surgery when she is 3 and not 5 but now I'm not holding my breath for that. ARG!

Anyways, Paige is doing really well. She is starting to really motor around. She is babbling really well and is just a ball full of energy. She is one of the sweetest (with Maddie and Owen included in there) babies I know. Paige literally can light up a room and she's sooo good all the time. (knock on wood). She's literally an angel baby!

Well, anyways, just a quick note to inform all that surgery has indeed been postponed. I guess it too gives me more time to figure out who is going to be watching Owen and Maddie during that time too. I guess we will see.

Thanks for reading!