Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When you have a child with a cleft, your whole world changes for a brief time. You forget that the rest of the world has issues and heartbreak. You forget that there are people worse off in the world. It's overwhelming to say the least to think that there is something "wrong" with your child. As time passes by, it's easier day by day. I now look at Paige and I don't even think about her cleft. I don't think about the heaping hole in the roof of her mouth. I don't think about the possibilities or the upcoming surgeries. I think of how beautiful and sweet little Miss Paige truly is. She really truthfully lights up my life.

But, there are children in this world that do not have this in their lives. Thousands of babies are born each year with a cleft lip, cleft palate, unilateral cleft lip, bilateral cleft palate, soft cleft palate, hard cleft palate, full cleft palate and worse. These children do not have the capabilities that our children have! They do not have a wonderful cleft team like we did! And for this reason, it's our responsibility to help them. Please think about these children as you are getting your income tax this year. Think about what affect you can have on a single child.

Children with clefts are often made fun of. This holds true even in our small community, unfortantly! Children with clefts are often called monsters and shunned by communities in poor countries. With as simple of a 45 minute procedure overseas, these children can begin to have a wholesome life.

Please take just a minute and cry along with me on this video created by SMILE TRAIN. This is an organization that provides free of charge surgeries to children in poor countries. Think of it this way, the cost of a NAM in the USA is 10,000.00. If we did not live in such a wonderful state of PA, we would have had to pay a good portion of this. But because Paige was born in PA, she fell under the loophole clause provided by the medical system. Her surgery, NAM, ENT, Plastic surgeon, etc are all FREE of charge. This is a luxury that other children DO NOT HAVE. So give back...give back in the name of Paige who THANKFULLY does not need this support of money. (I would have paid the 10,000 if I had too but these families CAN NOT afford this)

Watch this video and decide for these children deserve $1.00 of your money to help them with the 250.00 cost of a surgery.

Now wipe those tears away, get out your credit card, visa, debit and give as little as a dollar to help these children in honor of Paige. Visit Paige's Smile Train website to donate!