Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life in Limbo

I can't stand when things are left unfinished! I am the type of person that when something is started, I can't sleep until it's done. Point in case, this new possible job! I interviewed almost 1 1/2 weeks ago. I finally hear from them today to tell me that they are still trying to contact my references. The problem is, I'm suppose to give Head Start a 30 day notice. So if they hurry up and tell me, the sooner I can get started! Then, my current BSC job calls today to tell me that I'm picking up 2 more kids. YEah for the pay check as it does pay well but boy is it getting hard to schedule around Head Start. I'm there all day long and while BSC and MT is flexible, it's not that flexible with families schedules. So I hate this waiting to see if I got the other job so I can quit Head Start and only work as a BSC or MT. It's getting too difficult with our already busy schedule.

Also, in other news, I have officially stopped breastfeeding. The last day I pumped was almost a week ago (last Tuesday). I finally just figured that it was more important to have a sain mother than to pump 1-2 bottles a day. That's basically all I had time for. I feel awful about it but you have to make a sacrifice some where. She is doing awesome on formula so I'm happy about that. She has been spitting up more than normal since her scope and I plan to talk to her doctor about that but all in all, she's doing great.

Madison is well too. She has been full of fire lately. I came home from work today and I think she talked my ear off. LOL I'm so glad that she is happy being home and not missing being at daycare all that much. They go on Mondays and she looks forward to that but right now, that's all we have to do. Makes for a lot less of a bill. :-) Can't afford that right now.

Owen is doing well. He has started to read. Can you believe it? He's starting to read. It's amazing, He's amazing. He really has done well in Kindergarten. You know me though, the teacher in me wants him to do super great. I have to back off and remind myself that he is doing good.

Hal is almost done with school. I can't wait! It would make my life a lot easier if he had a regular job and didn't have to go to school but I will live. I like having him home with the girls during the day. They have really bonded.

Okay, that's a brief update on us. Please don't forget to comment! I want to hear from everyone!