Friday, October 23, 2009

Upcoming Appts

Paige's appt schedule for those who want to know. :)

October 28 2:00 NAM Adjustment at Children's Hospital

November 3 1:00- Pediatric Appt at Meadville

November 4th 11:00- NAM adjustment

November 5th: ENT SURGERY!!

November 13th: NAM ADJUSTMENT, Eye appt

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who's here??

Sign in here if you are reading my blog! I'm just curious who all is a reader :) Just post a little comment and say hi!

Cry a little with me!

True and honest blog...

Today I was reading on a message board I frequent. A woman wrote that she had a baby born born August 2009 and was still born. She was directed to another forum with other wonderful woman who have dealt with the same. I decided to follow this direction and head over to listen to her story! Sad! I was reading about all these poor woman who during their pregnancy found out that their baby had passed away. Many of them actually had pictures of their sleeping babies. So tiny, so fragile and so innocent. I had to stop and just take a sigh of relief for my little Paige. There are many days when I think "why us!?" Why did we get picked to be her parents. Why did she get picked with this "gift?" I have these days less frequent now but they are still there at times. Then, when I read about these other stories, I stop and humble myself. We are blessed! Paige is a beautiful little girl who smiles every single day. These babies will never give their Mom their first smile! As I sat there reading these stories, I just hugged Paige a little more. She is perfect! She is here with us blessing us each and every day!

I seriously look past the clefts anymore. I remember reading back when she was first born from moms who had cleft babies. They would talk about how they missed their baby's smiles after surgery. That the baby looks so much different and it was a shock. I remember thinking "NO WAY I won't miss that cleft at all!" And you know what, I will. I will miss her big gummy smile. I will miss all those because that is her! That is my precious Paige right now. Will I miss putting in her NAM every day and taking it out at every feeding? NO WAY! But I will miss those cute smiles and chubby cheeks!

So a note of new found wisdom, take a moment today and think about the one thing in your life that saddens you. Really think about it because I guarantee you, there is someone who is dealing with more than you are!