Monday, January 25, 2010

Just an update

I'm without pictures this time. Just don't feel like digging through them to post them, I'll do it later.

Anyways, Paige got off her No No bands on Thursday. They said she looks great and her GUMS are healing. We are pleased about that. There is still no guarantee that they will fused together properly and that a tooth will develop in that area. It's a wait and see kind of thing. But, we are hopeful as always.

We also begged to be seen by the ENT while we were there. Her ear has been running since October without stopping. Thank heavens we did ask because here to find out, they were treating her for a bacterial infection when it's been a fungal infection. She has new drops and the drainage has since stopped! That goodness for Mother's instinct. I wasn't going to keep putting those stupid drops in her ears if it wasn't doing anything, I figured something els was up. Why they didn't call to tell us her culture came back fungal from surgery is beyond me. ARG!

Anyways, she's back to her good ol' self today. The last few days have been fustrating because she keeps stopping eating and refuses. I can say today has been a good day! Her scar looks fantastic. Her nose has dropped some since surgery but that was to be expected. She will probably still have a touch up surgery at about age 5 for anything with the nose or scar. We will be scheduling her palate surgery any day now. It should be around June.

So all in all, she is doing great! She has been a pleasant baby through all this (with a few tough nights as expected) Thanks to all who have been praying for us! It's greatly appreciated!