Thursday, January 20, 2011

Same old...

Not a whole lot is going on with us!

We are having a joyful winter. The kids are enjoying not having to go outside for hours a time and spending more family time indoors. Still go sled riding and play out when we can, just not as often.

Madison is really enjoying Ballet class. Her first ever recital is May 14th and 15th at 1pm. If interested, contact me and I'll give you more details. We are probably having her birthday party following the recital. She is also LOVING preschool. She's one smart cookie and is extremely social. She adores her teachers and can't get enough of them. She hasn't missed a day yet and I think she would kill me if she did. She LOVES it!

Owen is having tons of fun in 1st grade. They just had a sock hop at school today. So cute seeing all these kids in poodle skirts and t shirts. :) So fun. He will be 7 in about 10 days. I can hardly believe it! He is growing up way too fast.

Paige is doing fabulous! She is talking lots and has a really sweet and fun personality. She signs about 5 words and babbles lots of things! She has about 30 words in her vocabulary. She is still attending speech once a month to monitor her progress. Thus, far she's doing great. She's a little pistol.

Oh and our new addition to the family....Chloe. :) Chloe is a dog! She is a cute 3 month old Boston Terrier that we surprised the kids with for Christmas! They love her and she's sooo good with my rough housing kiddos. If she would stop pooping on the floor, she would be perfect!

All in life and enjoying it