Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Day 1- Saturday

So we have never taken the kids to a town wide easter egg hunt before today. It was definitly interesting. They split the kids into age groups. Owen was across the lawn from Maddie's. So I took Maddie and Hal took Owen. We were there 20 minutes prior and the kids were ready to go. They were excited. Maddie kept saying "let me get those eggs" The Easter bunny gave every kid (probably like 200 kids) candy or a stuffed easter bunny. My kids got the bunny. Anyways, we were all ready and they said 3 more mins left. Maddie goes "Oh MOmmy, I have to pee!" I told her to hold it because we would be done in like 5 minutes. Then they said "GO!" and what did my darling little girl do....start screaming her little eyes out. She got 1 egg because I picked it up for her! OMG I couldn't believe it. HEre are all these 1 year olds grabbing tons of eggs and Maddie is standing there crying. It really scared her.

Then, Owen took about 5 steps and Hal said he fell on the ground. Got up and took off running. He got like 15 eggs. Which wasn't bad as there were sooo many kids. He did end up winning a stuffed bunny prize. They had some really awesome prizes including 10 bikes. So we were hoping he would have gotten one of those (for sissy of course) and then he got that bunny. He loves it though! He was so excited that we stood in line for 20 minutes to get the prize. We didn't know what it was but then they gave him the bunny and he was like "WOW Mom, I won a bunny!" LOL

It was fun. Then my mom and sis came and we made bird feeders to hang outside and flew kites. Eventful day!

The baskets are ready and eggs are stuffed for tomorrow!