Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cute Randoms

Maddie turned 4!

Can you believe it? I can hardly believe my princess girl is 4! It just seems surreal!

We had her party at the local bowling alley. Loads of fun with pizza, chips, presents and more.

A few pics...

Hal Graduated College

It's finally time! Time to FINALLY move on with our lives. Hal graduated Clarion University on the 8th of May. He is now going to be a RN. Which is awesome. I'm working mad hours as a Behavioral Specialist, so we can finally move on past the college days. I love it. At least for a little while before Hal decides he wants to go back to school. Sometimes I actually miss being in college and learning new things but now I'm self motivated to learn about my clients.

Any how, Hal had a pinning ceremony and a graduation. My camera was being stupid so most of the pics sucked, but the kids looked adorable! Here's a few of the pics!

Oh and the kids are the ones who got to actually pin Hal at the ceremony in front of about 200 or more people. Very cool!

Maddie was being kinda silly but they were both very good throughout both ceremonies! Thank goodness! They both took turns playing games on my iphone. That was the best babysitter ever! :)