Saturday, January 9, 2010

Final update from the hospital

We are more than likely going home here in an hour or so. Hopefully, anyways! They still need to remove her IV, discharge papers, give us more no-no bands and head us on our way! She is doing really good. She has her pain managed with simple tylenol and it seems to be doing the trick! That goodness! She JUST ate 4 1/2 ounces, which is the most she has eaten since sugery. Her cheeks are still pretty swollen, along with her lip. Her nose looks a little tight because they over do it so when it settles, it will look normal. All in all, she's perfect AGAIN!.

Paige sees Dr. Grundwalt on Thursday to get the liquid bandage stuff removed. That will probably NOT be much fun at all. She will then still have no-no bands for another week after that. We will then tape her lip, massage and apply pressure for 6 weeks to make the best scar possible. So not quite done with the tape just yet. Oh well, it's nothing like having the NAM (which I secretly stole before someone could ask if I still had it) Hoping no one says anything so I can keep it. Weird? LOL

We also talked to Dr. Grundwalt about palate surgery. We wll be setting the date for that in a couple of weeks. SHe has to be completely off the bottle before surgery. We are thinking end of May, beginning of June. (So Alisha...don't plan to go to Mark's all summer. :) )

Now is just waiting game again. Wait and see if the gum fusion works, wait to see how the scar forms, wait to see how the nose looks after it heals, wait and see when surgery for palate is done. BUT, thankfully we are done with surgery #2! She is and looks amazing!

2am update!

Yes I'm up. Are you surprised? Paige is currently in her bed playing with some toys and being a good little girl...

Paige did wonderful! 6 1/2 hours of surgery and she has a whole new smile. she has just started to eat this last bottle, 3 1/2 ounces. she is on morphine. tylenol, antibiotics, and an ear med. Vitals all taken every 2 hours because she has arm restraints. She is really swollen but the line is so small and amazing!!! her lip has liquid bandage along with dissolvable stiches. It looks blueish/purple right now from the liquid bandage. She smiled once or twice but is really unable to move her top lip because it s so stiff from the bandage. She slept 2 1/2 straight hours and is starting to fall back to sleep. Hal and are takng turns sleeping but i might be able to sneak away when she falls back to sleep! :)

Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts! We love you all.....

This my attempt at my new smile. Problem, it's still a little too swollen, numb and too tight with the bandage. Cute, nonetheless!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fresh from surgery

Paige did awesome! She is absolutly amazing!! Her tubes were the first to be evaluated. THey did NOT replace her tubes. The right one was infected but the left is clear! YEAH! So drops for 10 more days and then she should be in the clear for a new hearing test.
Then came the lip, nose, and gum surgery! YES you read that right, Paige had her gums fused! We are super excited. There is absolutly not guarantee that she will have the gums stay fused and a tooth come through but it's a start and better than not trying! Her surgery lasted a total of 6 1/2 hours! It made for a very long day.

She really does look awesome. SHe is having a hard time eating after surgery but we are still working on it. SHe is really gassy and having a really hard time with lack of sleep.

So on to the thing you have been waiting for...PICTURES!! SHe is very swollen and her lip looks purple/blue because of the liquid bandage that is colored. She is NOT bruised.

Here you go...don't forget to comment..................

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

I thought I would leave you all a few pictures of my Beautiful PAIGE before her surgery tomorrow. She will look a LOT different after surgery. She is precious and perfect just the way she is!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ENT appt for Miss Paige

We just got back from Pittsburgh. Paige has hearing loss in her left ear, and that's why she got tubes back in October. Since then, the right ear has been draining nonstop and the left ear has done nothing. Therefore, she has NOT had her hearing retested. Well, we went today and success! I was even able to see the tube in her left ear, the one thing that we have not been able to do because it was so full of junk. Dr. Alper let me see, very cool! Plus, her right ear is infected (okay not so good news there). But, they are going to re-evaluate it on Friday when she is under for the surgery. They may replace her tubes that day if they think it will help. He thinks there might be something clogging the tube or something growing inside of it. Yuck! But, we should get more answers on Friday after surgery.

I also saw Dr. V in the hallway. I told her that Paige's cleft looked awesome and she called Dr. Grundwalt over to see it. They said that they think there is a very good chance of fusing it together. Dr. Grundwalt said "well we will get a better look when she's under on Friday." So you know what that means...they don't want to get our hopes up. Go figure. But, it was a good outlook anyways.

Well I will update more on Friday!