Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ENT appt for Miss Paige

We just got back from Pittsburgh. Paige has hearing loss in her left ear, and that's why she got tubes back in October. Since then, the right ear has been draining nonstop and the left ear has done nothing. Therefore, she has NOT had her hearing retested. Well, we went today and success! I was even able to see the tube in her left ear, the one thing that we have not been able to do because it was so full of junk. Dr. Alper let me see, very cool! Plus, her right ear is infected (okay not so good news there). But, they are going to re-evaluate it on Friday when she is under for the surgery. They may replace her tubes that day if they think it will help. He thinks there might be something clogging the tube or something growing inside of it. Yuck! But, we should get more answers on Friday after surgery.

I also saw Dr. V in the hallway. I told her that Paige's cleft looked awesome and she called Dr. Grundwalt over to see it. They said that they think there is a very good chance of fusing it together. Dr. Grundwalt said "well we will get a better look when she's under on Friday." So you know what that means...they don't want to get our hopes up. Go figure. But, it was a good outlook anyways.

Well I will update more on Friday!