Saturday, September 5, 2009

What is a NAM?

People have asked what exactly does Paige's NAM's a short answer.

Basically the NAM (nasoalveolar molding) is a retainer like you would have when you have braces. Fortantly for Hal and I, neither of us have had to have one so we do not have first hand experience with this. But, the NAM works to bring Paige's gum line together to make it easier during surgery to reconnect. It also allows the palate to close up easier as the tissue is still very soft. It helps to expand the tissue to make it easier on the surgeon during the surgery. If it does it's job, Paige MAY NOT need a bone graph when she is 8 years old to close up the small hole in her gum line on the top. This is why she has it so young. When she has her lip surgery, BYE BYE to the NAM!!

Here is a great website if you would like to read more about the NAM!

Here's a picture of Paige's NAM!


Dorothy said...

Thank you, Mandy, for "keeping us in the loop" with Paige's information. Thank you, also, for sharing her with me the other day. She is such a cuddly munchkin and it was good for me to just hold her...
Babies really do fill up your heart!