Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NAM appt went well!

Well I can say it went Well but boy oh boy does Paige NOT like those appts. She has to wait to eat when we get there because they want to see her eat before we go. She doesn't like to wait so she usually screams and cries the entire time. Not so fun. For now on, she's eating before we go. LOL

Dr. V is very impressed with her. She is getting her nose shunt NEXT WEEK! Yes, it's this little addition to her NAM that sits in her nose. It's connected to it by wire. It will form her nose so she will have a more natural look when it comes surgery time. It's really amazing stuff and means less surgery for the future!! We always like to hear that! So at 4 weeks old, she will be getting that! She would have had it today and that was the plan except we had some other changes along the way.

Paige has reflux. We knew this but now it's starting to really affect her eating. She's cranky and doesn't want to eat too much. It's really starting to bother her throat and tummy. So she is now on zantax. Hopefully that doesn't taste too nasty as she hasn't gotten her first dose yet till bedtime. Not looking forward to that. They also said that it might be the reason behind her noisy squeeking! Which seems to NOT be getting any better and almost worse. So here's the plan...

Also, Paige is getting tubes in her ears. We knew this was going to happen a while back but since she failed her hearing twice, she will have it done sooner than her lip surgery.

Therefore, on October 5th, we meet with the entire team including the plastic surgeon to discuss all matters. HOPING and PRAYING we get a surgery date or tentative one at least!

Then on October 8th, Poor Paige gets a small scope down her throat to look at her voice box. They wonder if it's not cleft too. Never heard of this and plan to research it more but they are hoping it's just from the reflux that she is so squeeky and sounds like she's gasping for air.

So not so fun for poor Paige but she is tolerating everything so well! And did I mention she's 10 pounds already. LOL My kids definitly don't have a problem gaining weight! :-)


atomiclemonade said...

You'll have to let me know what they are talking about when they say that her "voicebox" could be cleft. Honestly, that would not be good at all. But I'm sure she's fine. Probably just a precaution.

I'm glad that they are moving so quickly with everything tho.

I can't believe she's 10 pounds already! Piggers.