Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't take for granted

I see these mothers who have babies that are small like my Paige and I think of all the things that I will not get to enjoy.

Don't take for granted a pacifier! I have never used one with my kids. They never really liked it. Owen was too colicky and Maddie loved (loves!) her thumb. So this time around, I had planned to use one in the hopes of not having another thumb sucker. But unfortantly, Paige can not hold one in her mouth! We have to hold it for her.

Smiling..Paige's first smiles will be with her NAM in her mouth. :( I won't have that big gummy smile like the other two kids. It will be through all the hardware my poor baby has to wear!

Holding her own bottle...Paige has NO sucking reflexes. How will she hold her own bottle and actually get anything outta it?

Did I mention I have to wean Paige off the bottle before her palate surgery. So I can't even enjoy her being a baby for very long.

No Breastfeeding...Don't need to say much more for that...(read below)

Bottles. Did I mention that Paige's bottles are 25 dollars a piece. Thankfully, the cleft center will provide them for us but that means I have to ask. I hate asking.

Going swimming..Paige will have tubes soon. Can't do all that with tubes and not be worried about it.

Eating corn on the cob. This is one Hal thought of, she won't have the teeth (maybe) for eating corn on the cob. She might but we won't know.

Getting her teeth. While most moms are excited for their baby get their first teeth. I'm scared to death. What if they come in wrong? What if they don't come in at all?

All these simple things that moms just take for granted, Paige has to adapt or go without. I almost feel like I got screwed! And poor Paige is just along for the ride.