Thursday, March 24, 2011

It is sad really...

Paige is having surgery next Friday. Within the last month, she got a really bad middle ear infection and it blew out her tube in the right side. So she is seeing a new ENT to have it replaced. It's truthfully sad that I'm not at all worried about this. When the woman at the front desk asked me if I understood the procedure, I told her that this was #4 surgery for Paige. She gasped and just looked at me. This is NOTHING compared to lip and palate surgery. Those were 6+ hours of surgery, hospital stays, ect. Tubes is nothing. 10 minute procedure and go home in the same day. The best part is, we are having it right here in neighboring town instead of driving to Pittsburgh. I would rather the expertise of ENT in Pittsburgh but I really hate that we drive there to see a regular ENT most of the time who has no more cleft experience than ENT in our town. I would rather drive 19 miles than 215 miles! But of course, everything is always what's best for Paige and I believe this is. :)

All in all though..she's doing fabulous! I couldn't complain. Normal, beautiful, happy little girl! Day in and day out!