Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joys of Life

What are your joys in life?

Being a mother is one of the best things in life. Having a child look at you for guidance, support and love. Having days where you just sit and talk, paint toe nails, play soccer in the yard, cook smores and catch lightening bugs. Those are joys in life. With school out, it's so much fun doing different things with the kids. We have waterpark days in our yard, get fire works, have friends over, go on picnics, ride bikes, go to the park, and so much more. Those are what makes me smile. I love being able to provide my children with a home that is rich with activities, fun and love. While I admit, we have our days of fustration over the summer with the constant, "I want to watch a movie!" But, we spend a great deal of time outdoors and doing things we wouldn't normally have the time to do.

This summer may perhaps be the very first summer the kids will have to go to daycare. I have always had the summer off but now that I'm working, they may start going when Hal gets his position at the hospital. This is a tough time for me. I do not believe in summer daycare. I want to be home with the kids! I want to paint rocks, draw on the sidewalk, make bubbles, practice reading, and sleep out in the yard. That's what makes summer fun!

We have big intentions for this summer. We are taking the kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo for the first time. They have been to the Cleveland and Erie Zoo but even mommy has never been to the Pittsburgh zoo. We want the kids to think of Pittsburgh as not a scary place where Paige always goes. We also want to go on some sort of vacation at some point. With Paige's surgery in the middle of the summer, that might be hard. We are going to have a water day for the kids and friends. They love this. We get like 1000 plus water balloons and place them in containers throughout the yard. The kids then go nuts. We set up water stuff in the yard and squirt guns. I think this year we might even do fireworks at the end. Too fun! Not sure when this is happening yet though.

The one thing I do not have time for this summer...NEGATIVITY! I refuse to endulge myself in petty crap during the summer. I will not let other people bring us down. We are going to have fun and surround ourselves with people we care about and people who have supported us through life. No negativity allowed! :)

So while I'm rambling (as always). Take a minute today and think about what you are looking forward to this summer and what brings joy to your life!

Happy Summer!