Friday, June 4, 2010

Exciting stuff!

I'm pleased to announce that my 9 month old babe is officially OFF THE BOTTLE!! WHOhOOO! Even with a couple of weeks to spare before the one month deadline before surgery! I'm pleased with that. I really didn't think that she was ready. Just one day she ate a sippy for me and then again for Hal and we haven't stopped since then. Bottles got bagged up and put away and she's officially on a sippy cup! I'm super excited! She was drinking juice for a long time in her sippy, a full bottle worth in fact. But she wouldn't drink her formula. Then all of a sudden..poof she wasn't so stubborn! :) I'm happy cuz this means there is no chance that they have for needing to reschedule her palate surgery. They said she had to be off the bottle for a month prior to surgery. Well, we beat this. :) YEAH!

Monday, May 31, 2010

What's going on with us?

Just figured I would give an update of how things are going around here. It's been a long couple of weeks with all the festivities of the weekend and the fact that I'm working a bunch. Which is a good thing!

So here goes...


Almost done with Kindergarten and has only 2 weeks left of school. Bitter sweet moment as I know we are getting old and Owen is growing up too quick.
He has his very first loose tooth. About time as he is 6 1/2 and now just starting the tooth loss process. :)
He's addicted to his Nintendo DS. It's basically all he wants to talk about.
He's playing T ball and enjoys it. Not sure if he's doing it next year or not. I don't think it's his favorite thing to do.
He starts soccer soon. That is his favorite thing to do!


We are still waiting to see if Maddie gets into Pre-k. She is on the list but we are not sure what's going on yet. I may or may not call sometime soon to find out.
Maddie caught a HUGE 12 inch Crappie all by herself the other day. Daddy swears he didn't help her at all.
We are still deciding if we are going to send Maddie to dance class in the fall. She is looking forward to it but we are not sure of scheduling yet. :( poohey!


Paige started speech a couple of weeks ago. I think it's pretty worthless at this point as she can't really do much until after surgery but I'm all for at least giving it a try.
Paige has 5 teeth. One of which is sitting on the site where when she was born there was a cleft there. With the help of that wonderful NAM, she now has a tooth there! Pretty great stuff!
Paige crawls! She was army crawling for a long time but now she's crawling like a pro. She's also starting to pull herself up on things!
Paige is a sweetie!


Hal graduated college and we are still waiting to hear from the hospital on a position. Right now there just isn't one. So he will be working as a floater at this point until a position becomes available. Pretty much sucks but it's something at least.


Still working as a Behavioral Specialist. Love my job but would like a straight 8-3 teaching position in the near future. Sent out applications but haven't heard anything this soon into the summer.

So that's a wrap up of how we all are. Life goes on even when I don't blog. :)