Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update with loads of updates!

Okay, I know, I know...been a long time. Well, life has me pretty busy. Okay..lie. I just haven't felt like posting. But today I was reminded why I should, so here I am.

Paige Alivia is doing amazing! Palate is healed! Remarkable! Speech is great! She has loads of new and fabulous words.
Ut oh
kitty (where she got that, I don't know) LOL
and I'm sure more that I'm missing.

She is amazing every single day. She will go back for a follow up with her surgeon November 29th to check her speech. I have no worries. Plus, she is hearing everything now. No ear issues and passed her hearing exam! She is a bucket full of energy and keeps me on my toes every day. Mostly though, she's as sweet as pie!

Madison Grace...

Maddie recently won our Waterfowl Little Princess pageant! My beautiful baby girl got a crown, sash and all! Such a pretty girl and so outgoing it's not funny. She has attitude and sweetness. A little of both that suits her just fine. She's such a sweet daughter. She is also REALLY loving her third month of Ballet. She loves her teacher and is learning so much. She started Pre-K this year and I have to say that she is as bright as can be!

Owen Carter...

Last but surely not least...Owen is doing awesome in school! He is learning to read and has a great memory of sight words. He does AWESOME in math and always has an A on his assignments! He has made new friends and past ones. I don't think there has been a free weekend without birthday parties for him and Maddie since school started. They are definitely my social butterflies. I wouldn't know where they got that from?!?? LOL

Hal and I...

Hal is working as an RN in the Meadville Surgery if you need surgery...ask for a different RN. JK!! I tease him about that all the time. He loves his job. Loads to learn and do every day.

I'm still a Behavioral my job of helping families to overcome behavioral difficulties! It's rewarding in so many ways!

So that's us in a nut shell. I have loads of pics on facebook! So you can check out some pics there until I get some loaded here.

Happy commenting everyone!