Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pre-op appointment

We took Paige to visit her plastic surgeon today for her pre-op appt for palate surgery. I love posting these updates because when people (no names) complain that their lives are so bad, I would love to remind them that they are idiots and that it could be worse. My poor 10 month old baby didn't ask for any of this, she didn't do anything to deserve it. And yet she will have to endure more than most adults do!

Her surgery is scheduled for July 16th. It will last about 4-5 hours. She will be on a clear liquid diet for 2 days afterward. She will then be on a liquid diet for about 2 weeks, depending on how well she heals. Then she can resume to soft foods. She will have a breathing tube throughout surgery and for 24 hours incase her tongue swells. She will have an IV with the option of morphine if she needs it. She needed it for lip surgery so I anticipate palate surgery also. She will have her tongue stitched down so it can't swell into her air way. She will also have a tube inserted into her nose to keep her air way open further. She can use tylenol when we go home but I'm going to ask for tylenol with codeine, although her surgeon doesn't usually use it. But, Paige had a lot of pain the last time. She will be in the hospital as long as it takes for her to start to drink fluids regularly.

So basically we are taking a good natured baby and taking her food away, inserting crap, medicating her, and then telling her that she can't touch her mouth for 2 weeks with no-no bands. Her nurse practioner told us, "I'm not going to lie to you, it's really rough." Oh so glad to hear that! :(

Basically we are not looking forward to this at all. It's going to be absolutly miserable for Miss Paige. She is going to hate us afterward, I think. I just hope it's the last surgery. There is always a chance that she develops a fiscula (hole in her palate), infection or that the muscles will not connect together properly and require additional palate surgery. They stated that they generally assess her speech 3 months after surgery to see if additional surgery is necessary. I guess those speech classes better pay off! I'll be working with her even more than I already do!

SO prayer is definitly needed. Needed during surgery and to ensure that we make it through without grey hair. Ensure that Paige heals and recovers quickly! Lots and LOTS of Prayer!

I have made arrangements for the other two kiddos during surgery. They are going to have fun with Grandma and Aunt Alisha. Their basially two favorite people anyways. So it all works out there. I'm still thinking I may perhaps send Maddie and Owen to daycare after surgery so we can take care of Paige without them feeling left out. I took off 2 weeks after surgery (well working from home basically). But, we are not sure what Hal will be working. That's the tough part. If I'm home alone then I will definitly be sending them to daycare for a reprieve. I don't want them to feel neglected or worse, mommy is mean because I'm stressed. I'm SOOO glad this is all taking place over summer and I can treat the kids to fun times when Hal is home or vice versa. I don't want to think what this would all be like if it was during the school year again. We did that once, don't want to try it again. Lip surgery was nothing compaired to palate surgery. People don't think of it that way because you think the lip is the most noticeable and therefore the most important. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Palate is required for so much and there is still a chance of aspiration with an open palate, lack of speech, etc. This is an important one.


Mommy2Four said...

Well, if it helps at all, our palate surgery was much easier than lip/nose surgery. We were in the hospital for only 24 hours, though our surgeon does do things differently than yours. She did not have a breathing tube, and only a tongue stitch in case they had to move her tongue out of the way without injuring her newly repaired palate.
Sierra had zero interest in fluids after palate surgery, and we did have to keep her on tylenol with codine for a little bit. She wanted nothing to do with juice, formula, etc... What finally became our best friend was vanilla milkshake flavored She drank it like crazy... and occasionally, a little gatoraide. She would drink nothing else for almost two weeks. But, besides the eating struggles, personality wise, she was back to herself two days after surgery.

For our other kids too, after Sierra was completely on the mend, we did little "Thank you" gifts... thanking them for being such troopers while Mommy and Daddy had to tend to Sierra. It wasn't anything huge, but we really felt it was right to acknowledge their sacrifice over those two weeks too, ya know?

Anyway, we'll be praying for you, and hoping it's smooth sailing! Sierra had her palate surgery done around ten months too.... it was really nice to be able to celebrate her birthday knowing the two major surgeries of year #1 were behind us! Plus, we didn't start solids until after palate surgery, so her first table food was actually her birthday cake! :)

Embarking on a New Journey said...

I love the gift idea! That's really awesome idea. The kids would appreciate that too. It's going to be a long 2 weeks.

Paige is on table food already. She has been eating it for a while now but she really hates babyfood. That's going to be the tough part is eating around her and not being able to give it to her when she wants it.

Did you use no no bands for the whole 2 weeks?