Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recent News

I know it's been a while. I'm working a crazy amount of hours every week trying to get things done! So I really haven't had much time to post and when I do, I'm exhausted and say I'll do it later. So here's a recent update all of the kids...

Madison is same old Madison. She is almost 4 in May, can hardly believe it. We are getting her signed up for Preschool in the fall. Hoping she gets in! She is a ball full of energy and little Miss Princess as of late. She wants everything frilly and pink! Very cool but a little annoying.

Owen is learning so many things in Kindergarten. He is learning to read and has learned quite a few site words already. He's like a little sponge! He's doing well in school, all in all. He will start T-Ball here in a few weeks (ANYONE wanna buy a ticket to win 750 dollars?) Just had to plug that in there. :)

Paige...dear Paige. Paige is doing wonderful. She is starting to crawl and eats lots of baby food. She gabs all the time and is just a really sweet baby. She is now putting herself to sleep, which is a blessing. Her lip looks fabulous and it's healed really well. She really is doing great. Except....her ears. We have had to take her to Pittsburgh many times in the last month for a constant ear infection that she has had since October. They keep trying new drops, antibiotics, clean and sucking it out. It's nuts. The poor girl is so used to all of it but it's really no fun at all. This last time, they put a piece of stuff in there that holds the drops in longer. We tried it once before but it fell out the very next day. It has been in there for a few days and she will have it removed on Wednesday. Problem is..if it doesn't get better, we are talking another surgery to have the tube removed. We are not sure yet if they will be replaced but more than likely will. Most cleft babies have tubes for a few years.

Paige's cleft palate surgery is scheduled for May 26th. I'm not really sure if it will happen or not, because she will only be 9 months old and she needs to be off the bottle. So we will see. I have talked to other cleft moms and their child didn't need to be off the bottle, so we will discuss with Dr. Grundwalt in April.

So that's a quick update! I'll update more when we find out more about her ears.

so here's a couple of pics to keep you all happy. :)


Anonymous said...

Life looks good!! I'm happy for you and I miss you! Leigh

frgdanc said...

Your kids are beautiful! Paige's lip looks amazing, and you are at the fun stage that I'm not quite ready for yet! :)