Sunday, October 11, 2009

7 weeks progress pics!

Just a warning, Paige is usually NOT very happy when I get these pics. It's about the only time she lets me see in her mouth is when she is mad and/or crying! LOL So just pre-warning you now, these are not her best pics. :)

This is Paige's NAM now with the nose stent. It helps to mold her nose. It will be added to each week to make her nose mold prior to surgery.

Paige with her NAM and nose stent now. It doesn't bother her. She has not cared that it's there at all. Actually it keep her nose open so it really does help her to breath better. Before, her nose was flat on that side.

You can see Paige's gum line that has moved a considerable amount. This week has been a really dramatic difference. Her gums are a bit red from the molding but it doesn't bother her at all. It's such a slow process that while we can tell a difference, I doubt she can.

Check out how open her nose is on the right side now. This was all flat prior to this week and the nose stent. Also, you can see how far her gums have moved on the left side. I believe her cleft is only about 6 mm now. When she has her surgery, they will straighten out her nose so that the cavities are the same on both side and symetrical.

Thanks for looking!