Friday, September 11, 2009

More for Poor Paige!

I swear this little girl got hit with the unlucky stick! Paige had her audiology appt today. At birth, she failed her hearing exam. This is very common with CLP patients as they generally have middle ear issues. 99.9% (according to Matt) say that they do NOT Have hearing loss. Well, Paige is not hearing many sounds in her left ear. Her right ear is fine. Her left ear, not so much. They said she is hearing a really high pitch and a really low pitch but not much else in between. It's all in her one ear. The outcome for this

1. We have to meet with an ENT in Pittsburgh (EAR,NOSE,THROAT doctor) to continue treatment.
2. She will more than likely get tubes in her ears when she has her lip surgery.
3. She may have hearing loss in that ear until the palate is fixed but HOPEFULLY not after that. We are praying it's nothing more than just from the palate.

The plan right now is to meet with the ENT at our next team appt. When we meet with that doctor, they will test her again and will be able to tell me what kind of loss we are talking about. The machine in Meadville was not able to do that so we will get tested again down there.

I was really hoping it was going to pass but knew in my heart it probably wasn't going to. So pray it's just from the palate and nothing more.


Jen said...

poor baby girl,but i'm happy to hear that she is gaining lots of weight!