Monday, March 23, 2009

ER visit for Dear Old Mommy

Spent almost 5 hours there. I really thought I had a UTI or Kidney infection. They took cultures and blood work and none of those were true. They said I was slighly dehydrated and that was probably causing some discomfort but were concerned with the amount of pain and length of time I had had it. So they did an u/s. The baby looks GREAT! It was a fisty little fellow. Have no idea if it's a boy or girl because they wouldn't tell me in an emergency situation. ARG. I got to see the screen and that was about it. The baby is 9 ounces right now and measuring a week ahead. HB was 151. The problem mostly is that the baby is REALLY low and sitting directly on my bladder. So that is a lot of the pressure and pain I'm having. I also found out that I am seriously close to being anemic. I have to take Iron supplements because the baby is drawing all the iron outta my body. I have always been borderline anemic so this is not really a surprise to me.

So they gave me an IV and told me to pick up supplements on my way home. I stayed home today as I'm serious, this pain really sucks! It's horrible. I did a little better after a full hour of salin. But, not too much better. I'm drinking loads of electrolytes to keep my dehydration improving. I guess I'll just have to start to force myself to drink EVEN MORE than I already do!